Spin Dessert & Cafe

Recently I went to Spin Dessert and Cafe in Vaughan for crepes and I want to say it was delicious! I order Sugar Sugar on a crepe. It was basically cookie dough ice cream in the crepe and with brownies and cookie dough bites. It is a must try! No complaints!  https://instagram.com/p/BXHbEa_AbB8/


Ihalo Krunch

Have you tried charcoal ice cream before? Recently charcoal ice cream became a really big thing. So I definitely had to try it at Ihalo Krunch. I ordered charcoal and ube ice cream on charcoal waffle cone and matcha and vanilla ice cream on charcoal waffle cone. Both were $6.50 each. There was not really …

Ono Poké Bar

Poké bowls are getting more and more popular, so as a foodie I must try at least one! I paid Ono Poké Bar a visit. I ordered the classic salmon and I was impressed! It looked so colourful and pretty! One word: delicious! The portion was big enough for two! At least for me it was. …