Ihalo Krunch

Have you tried charcoal ice cream before? Recently charcoal ice cream became a really big thing. So I definitely had to try it at Ihalo Krunch.

I ordered charcoal and ube ice cream on charcoal waffle cone and matcha and vanilla ice cream on charcoal waffle cone. Both were $6.50 each.

There was not really much taste to the charcoal ice cream, tasted a little bit like coconut (?). I did think charcoal and ube was a good combination because they were not as sweet! Matcha and vanilla combination was a bit too sweet for me, maybe it was just the vanilla?

Personally I did not find matcha and vanilla as special as charcoal and ube, just because I always have them! Don’t get me wrong though, they were both good!

Final verdict: Charcoal and ube wins!

Which one would you try? If you did try it, which one do you like?


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