Albion Falls

My hiking adventures started last summer when I was searching for places to travel to within Ontario and discovered Albion Falls, Hamilton. I was looking at Instagram pictures of Albion Falls and my first thought was “I want to go there!” because it was just so beautiful! Then I began looking for more waterfalls around Hamilton and made a list of the ones I wanted to visit; Albion Falls, Devil’s Punch Bowl, and Felker’s Falls.

So off I go to Albion Falls early morning around 8am, luckily there wasn’t anyone! I was able to take a nice picture without a crowd. The hike down to the falls wasn’t hard but it definitely wasn’t as easy as I thought because of how steep it was. It was quite slippery when I was walking on the rocks that were wet but it was not that bad! The hard part was to go to the top of the falls because it was steep, at least the way I went up! I thought it was a beautiful waterfall!

After Albion Falls, I decided to head to Felker’s Fall since the drive was only 8 minutes. The hike here was much easier. There wasn’t much steepness to it but the falls was small when I got there so I did not try to go to the bottom of the falls. I was a bit disappointed but nonetheless, the hike was nice.

The biggest disappointed I had was going to Devil’s Punch Bowl! There was no falls at all! There wasn’t much to hike here. So I ended my waterfall adventures in Hamilton after that.

But hey! In the end, it is the exploration that counts! Out of the three, I would recommend going to Albion Falls. It was the nicest waterfall out of the three!


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